GREENBLATT, ELIYAHU (1933– ), ḥazzan. Born in Jerusalem, Greenblatt studied music at the Jerusalem Conservatory and trained as a ḥazzan under shelomo zalman rivlin . He conducted the Shirat Israel choir in Jerusalem and sang with the choir of Leib Glanz in Tel Aviv. He was ḥazzan of Tel Aviv's Bet El and Tiferet Ẓvi synagogues and of the Sydenham synagogue in Johannesburg. He is the possessor of a dramatic tenor voice and has performed on stage and synagogue worldwide. As a composer, he set many sections of the prayer services to music and arranged and re-edited compositions and recitatives of the ḥazzanim of earlier generations. This includes the compositions of Yehuda Srebnick, and his own working knowledge of the accentuation in Yossele rosenblatt 's Hebrew singing has enabled him to revive a number of Rosenblatt's unpublished and unrecorded recitatives left in manuscript form at the time of Rosenblatt's untimely death. A cassette of Greenblatt's original compositions, among the last orchestrations done by Chanan Winternitz, is available on cassette (Musique Internationale). (Akiva Zimmerman / Raymond Goldstein (2nd ed.)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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